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A Fresh Look: Rebranding and Redesign

Encubierto, a brand known for its culinary delights, approached me with a unique challenge. They weren’t satisfied with their existing website, which had been designed by someone else. However, there was a twist – they only had a logo to start with. After some insightful discussions, it became clear that a complete visual identity was needed before we could even think about revamping the website.

The previous branding was just this logo.

The first step was to breathe life into their brand. They had been using a simple grey logo for everything, and it was time for a change. As they asked me to keep their artichoke logo mark, we worked together to introduce a burst of colours to their brand, creating a vibrant and yet elegant visual identity.

We also carved out two sub-brands within Encubierto – Encubierto Market and Encubierto Catering. Each received its distinct identity. Moonstone hues were added to the Market brand, while Butterscotch tones infused warmth into the Catering brand.

With the fresh visual identity in place, it is finally time to give their website a makeover. Soon you will see this project come to life. Stay tuned. 

If you’re in a similar situation, feeling unsatisfied with your brand’s online presence or lacking a clear visual identity, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help you transform your brand and create an online experience that truly reflects your unique identity.

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