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The primary reason Gablerbräu, one of Salzburg’s oldest “Wirsthaus” in Austria, reached out to me was to create a new website. However, we encountered some challenges along the way.

The logo the brand already had.
This is how a brand optimization looks like. From a logo, to a complete visual brand identity.

As I began, the only material I had was their logo. The brand lacked clear definition, so after a brief discussion with the client, we recognized the need to address this before proceeding with the website development.

Using a few photos they provided, I crafted a color palette. This palette incorporated the green from their uniforms, the golden hue of their beer, and other colors inspired by the facade of their historic establishment.
Next, I worked on refining the logo and selecting the fonts that would represent the brand moving forward.

During the website construction, I had the privilege of collaborating with professional photographer Evelien Walker, renowned for her expertise in interior and food photography. Her work added a modern, fresh, and professional touch to the website.

Once the website was completed, the client was thrilled with the outcome. They even entrusted me with designing the menu for the upcoming season. Building upon the branding established during the website project, I designed a fresh menu for the restaurant.

Not only did they print the new menus, but they also requested that I make them available online on the website. Once again, their satisfaction with the result was evident.
With the new menu ready, we faced the challenge of updating the posters outside the restaurant, which still featured the old menu. Consequently, I adapted the new menu for the restaurant’s showcases, creating two versions: one in German and another in English to cater to both locals and tourists. The results spoke volumes, seamlessly integrating the new look.

Lastly, I assumed responsibility for their social media presence, with a particular focus on Instagram. Here, I performed a strategic review and revitalized their online image.

In working alongside Gablerbräu, we took a piece of Salzburg’s history and made it digital, blending tradition with modernity. The result? A clean, modern website that respects the restaurant’s rich heritage.

We’re eager to do the same for other businesses looking to boost their online presence. If you’re ready to improve your brand’s online profile, get in touch. Together, we’ll create a unique online story that engages your audience and brings your vision to life.

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