Logo The B Yellow


SynerQi is a brand which offers Tuina Therapy, which is an ancient Chinese Medicine practise. What Silvia, the mastermind behind it, wanted to achieve with the branding, it was to project a safe place, a peaceful environment, for her customers to feel they are entering a zone of comfort and healing. 

The logo was mainly done by Silvia. I just did a little retouch.

Luckily, the color palette was not a challenge. Silvia already had prepared a profesional photo shooting, so I took these photos to get inspired and choose the most relevant colours, not only the ones looking beautiful, but the ones with purpose and connection with the fundamentals of the brand.

Beside that, I chose a light grey for contrast, so we can write above the light colours without interfering the calmness and peace.

For the website, Silvia decided to go with WIX, mainly because she wanted to run the business by herself. So I designed and set up an e-commerce website, were people can get to know her and her project, and buy directly on the website all the services she has to offer. She wanted to be able to maintain the website by herself and make changes as she likes, so she took a short course with me and I prepared her for everything related to managin her website platform.

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